Harajuku Costume

With its name coming from a fashion capital known for the people’s unique and one of a kind street wear, a Harajuku costume is the epitome of creativity, individuality and boldness. Harajuku is the name of the area around the Harajuku Station in Tokyo, Japan.

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Young people dressed in different styles and expressions gather around this area to just socialize and meet people. They wear outrageous kinds of fashion statements that do not conform to any given traditional style and trend.

Harajuku CostumeAny Harajuku Costume or get up is all about having your own statement. When youngsters gather in Harajuku to socialize, they do not wear the same things every time. They always come up with some new get up and something very unique.

This kind of style and fashion that was popularized by cosplayers and young people’s variety of styles is now known as Harajuku fashion all over the world. A lot of fashion designers are or were part of this crowd and have been able to inject Harajuku into their works around the world.

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A Harajuku costume usually consists of different materials, styles and elements meshed together to form a dynamic and one of a kind outfit. Harajuku get ups are oozing with such a strong and robust character. Harajukus have their way of piecing together elements that have no connection whatsoever to each other but still make it look like they look good when worn together.

So when you want to dress up the Harajuku way, you do not have to be scared if the stripes and checkered do not go well together, or if the dots and the lines clash. It is more about how you wear them and how you make people believe that they do blend perfectly well.

Contrast is the life of Harajuku fashion. The Harajuku Girl Adult costume has skulls, stripes of different colors, diamonds, lines, plaid, and whatever else there may be, as elements but the whole ensemble still looks very stylish and crazily awesome.

This set has a dress with satin shorts under. It’s got printed legwarmers, a small top hat, printed arm warmers and even a satin sash. If you can find chokers, necklaces, wigs and hairpieces to add to the whole beautiful chaos of this look, then all the better!

Imagine the same costume mentioned above but on a cute little kid. The Harajuku child costume is also available for those little fashionable and crazy girls who are not afraid to make their own statements. It would be really awesome to see a little girl in a vibrant Harajuku costume.

In this case, another beautiful contrast has been added. The difference of the child’s sweet and innocent face as opposed to the Harajuku’s bold and strong statement creates such an ironinc harmony and chemistry for that interesting and amazing look.

Another Harajuku Cutie Child costume features a cute and adorable kimono style dress. This looks so nice because it depicts a classic look of ancient Japan mixed with modern style and fashion. Under this kimono is a layered blue chiffon skirt that is just so fashionably contradicting.

The pink obe is brilliantly adorned with a polka dotted belt. The whole look is so cool and artistic. It looks like an anime or a graphic designed artwork of modern and eccentric Japan has sprung to life.

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Trick or treating or going to any costume party in a crazy Harajuku Costume is definitely one of the coolest things to do. For one thing, it is not the usual costume that you see. Another is that it is all about having your own statement and being bold enough to express it. Also, it is so modern and up to date. This fashion style is very contemporary and shows that you have a unique sense of style.

Harajuku Costume Accessories: Simply Interesting

Halloween is just around the corner. This is why as early as now you must try to find the most appropriate costume which can give you that look that you may be aspiring for. After all, there are numerous costumes which are available all over. All you have to do is to find the one which will suit your sense of style and fashion.

Now, if you want a really different look, the maybe you should go and buy yourself a Harajuku costume. This costume will certainly provide you with a look which will not only make you look the most unique and distinct at the party, but it will certainly make you the biggest hit at the party as well.

If you are wondering what Harajuku means, then this is the story. This is actually a fashion region in Japan where people meet in order to talk fashion and experiment on what they want to wear. And because of its increasing popularity, Harajuku has also become a common name for Japanese street wear, making this fashion style popular not only in Japan, but in the world itself.

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Always remember that there is no basic rule in Harajuku. Hence, you can mix and match your clothes and your influences, and wear any accessories that you want. After all, Harajuku is a mesh of different fashion trends all rolled into one. All you need is the confidence to pull it off.

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